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CodeIgniter + Markdown + Libraries = Hell

When it comes to pulling in third party libraries in CodeIgniter, there seems to be this little dance you need to do to get things working – quite frankly it sucks.

One of the tasks I had on my to-do …

PageSpeed Quirks & Google Plus Sign In

Loading Animation

For the back-end of my blog I wanted to use Google+ Sign In so that I didn’t have to bother writing any user management logic.

I stuffed in the javascript API, debugged an extremely frustrating issue where the oauth2 token …

Pagespeed Score Hunt

Google PageSpeed Logo

For those who aren’t aware of Pagespeed insights, it’s a service which will allow you to figure out where you could optimise the load time of your site and well worth checking out

Without Conscious Effort

Without spending …

Perf Wars: Gaunt Face vs Aerotwist

Perf Wars with Gaunt Face and Aerotwist

In the not so distant past…

New Site, New Approach

Gaunt Face Home Page with Full-screen Image

I’ve started working on a new version of my site and I’m aiming to work on a range of problems / areas where my current site sucks.

Static Site

Originally the redesign was a static site, largely to see what …

Cordova + Web Best Practices v2.0

Cordova + Yeoman

My oh my doesn’t time fly, a little while a go I wrote a blog post on how to get Cordova and Yeoman to work together bringing the best practices of the web to Cordova based applications.

Well times have …

Raspberry Pi Adventure – Day 2

Raspberry Pi in PiBow Case and Vesa Mount

One of the nice things about the Pi, is how small it is, meaning it’s easy to find a spot for it to live, well you could if it wasn’t for those pesky cables.

That’s why I opted for wifi …

D-Pad Navigation in a Web App 2.0

Google TV + D-Pad Demo

A little over a year ago I wrote D-Pad Navigation in a Web App. The biggest problem was it required a lot of work to get things going, so I spent a few days rewriting some of the logic …

Translucent Theme in Android

Non Translucent and Translucent Android ActionBar

One of the new features in KitKat is the Translucent UI, where you have the ability to sit behind status and navigation bars, meaning you can have the subtle change shown above (left side is normal, right side is the …

Raspberry Pi Adventure – Day 1

Raspberry Pi in Wooden PiBow Case Close Up

They say when you start doing something new, you should blog about it.

Hence my on-going log of Raspberry Pi use and development.

The goal of this is to basically serve as a home server, nothing heavy, but anything that …

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