Gaunt Face

I’m Joining Google

I’ve been a bit quiet on all the social networks lately and I am very happy to come back with some fantastic news.

I’m joining Google :)

As of June I will be joining the Google TV team as a Developer Advocate for Europe. What this means is I’ll be helping developers create fantastic applications for Google TV and after the GTV Hackathon held in London, I know you guys are going to keep me on my toes ;)

This obviously means I will leaving the incredible team at Future Platforms to whom I owe a massive thank you. FP is crammed of talented product owners, scrum masters, designers, QA and developers and I feel privileged to have worked with them. I’ve learnt an insane amount from everyone over the past year.¬†Obviously a tip of the cap to James Hugman¬†is needed (my partner in crime in Team Phaedrus) for the continuous words of wisdom throughout my time at FP.

For now, I’ll be looking forward to my first day, but will hopefully be attending Google IO this year, so please do stop me and say hi if you spot me wandering around and fancy a chat.


Matt is a Developer Advocate for Chrome @ Google.

Working from, the (occasionally) sunny, city of London, focusing on the mobile web, specifically hybrid apps.